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Established in September 2012 as a professional architectural services company, Songo Design Lab & Project Managers (Pty) Ltd is dedicated to developing thought provoking solutions with sustainability being part of the whole design process.

Innovation is encouraged to ensure that the unique perspective Songo Design Lab clients have come to expect, is built into every solution we create. Our future clients expect nothing less!


To be the leading 100% black owned architecture company in the Eastern Cape as well as in South Africa.


Provide and deliver distinctive, high quality design solutions to our clients, whilst adding value to their needs, through innovation, creative thinking and environmental and economic sustainability.


In all operations, the company believes that its success lies in its commitment to the values of service, integrity, accountability, teamwork and entrepreneurship lived out in every area of business practice.

Songo Design Lab is committed to ensuring that our growth and success extends to the community within which we operate and society at large. Our Corporate Social Investment focuses on participation in the national calendar of events.

We believe that the success of our projects and satisfaction of our clients and of our employees is inextricably linked to our success.

Songo Design Lab is driven to create innovative design solutions. The design and management of all projects, regardless of, scale, complexity or building typology is approached on the same basis – ensuring our structures respond to their environment, make a statement, and support environmental and economic sustainability.